Monday, 22 August 2011

Collection of Amazing FOX Logo Design

With the advancing Logo Design industry, we get to see many creative and inspiring logo design collections on web. A Logo Design with a distinctive feature always stands out. So, here is a collection where ‘a fox’ is the main element in every logo design.

FOX Logo Design #1

FOX Logo Design #2

FOX Logo Design #3

FOX Logo Design #4

FOX Logo Design #5

FOX Logo Design #6

FOX Logo Design #7

FOX Logo Design #8

FOX Logo Design #9

FOX Logo Design #10

FOX Logo Design #11

FOX Logo Design #12

Making of Abstract Logos

Which company’s logo design would you recall first…Dell or Nike logo? I believe it’s the Nike swoosh that summons up in your mind. That is the influence of abstract logos. A simple logo design that has a company name or initials written in a straightforward fashion is too dull and monotonous nowadays. An abstract logo aims to create a unique design that catches customer attention.

The true objective of a logo design is to make the product or service appealing to its intended customers. Abstract logos magnetize customers to remember and recall the product at the time of purchase. Notice how famous brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma all use abstract figures and illustrations that apparently have no relevance to the product itself, but create a striking effect on the audience. This is the power and exclusivity of an abstract logo

What makes great abstract logos?

    The abstract idea used in the logo design must reciprocate the mission statement of the company.
    The design in an abstract logo must be kept simple, over abstraction can ruin the logo design.
    Use of colors in abstract logos is imperative. Over embellishment deteriorates the logo purpose.
    The font employed in abstract logos must be concrete and memorable.
    Abstract logos must stand out from the crowd in order to be noticeable.

Why prefer abstract logos?

The biggest benefit that abstract logos provide is uniqueness. When you scan through various business logos within an industry, you will find more or less analogous designs. Abstract logos have the ability to stand out from the crowd since they are based on an entirely unique concept and abstraction.